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aaaaThe Company


The first step to the formation of LENNONS TRANSPORT SERVICES took place in 1988 with the purchase of an Atkinson prime mover and trailer by the managing directors Tony and Chris Lennon.

Known to the industry as a general carrier in the early years, Lennons Transport Services has grown to become one of the leaders in the express transport business in the transport industry today.

Over the latter years, Lennons Transport has seen the growth and demands of its major clients that has lead to Lennons Transport to operating daily services to all major capital cities across Australia.

With a fleet of some 32 units, Lennons Transport now travels some 9.5 million kilometres over Australia annually to meet our client's transport needs.

The total value of the fleet now exceeds 8.5 million dollars with Lennons Transport operating a modern fleet of vehicles.

Lennons Transport Service   now employs over  30 people across the nation who specialise in transport and logistics thus ensuring that customer satisfaction is the primary focus of the transport task.

Lennons Transport Services implemented a strategy that ensures that Lennons and their clients due diligence requirements are met by implementing the Trucksafe Industry Accreditation program as well as the Transitional Fatigue Program.

It is a policy of Lennons Transport Services that we will operate to ensure that the well being and safety of all our employees will never be compromised in the day-to-day operations of the business.


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aaaaThe People


When you look at the question of what makes an organisation succeed, one of the valuable results of research is that the people involved in these organisations share much the same ideals, aspire to the same goals and share similar views.

So often organisations stumble and even fall because of the succession of managers and owners who over a period of time lose touch with their goals, the very essence that made the organisation in the first place.

Lennons Transport Services is not such an organisation and when it celebrated its first 10 years in 1989, the success was attributed in part to the solidarity of its people and its philosophies.

With strong leadership, Lennons Transport has created such a culture. Lennons Transport has a high proportion of experienced, dedicated personnel with many years service and also dynamic lifeblood of young people to build upon the existing history and achievements.

Our culture is at the heart of our sustainable competitive advantage and is a direct result of building the fundamental factors of Lennons Transport which are:

  • COMMITMENT - sharing ideas of what the organisation is and should be.
  • COMPETENCE - in delivering what we promise our customers and shareholders
  • CONSISTENCY - by attracting, retaining and developing good people whose ideals match the culture that Lennons Transport is striving to maintain.

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aaaaRisk Management


Our risk management program is at the forefront and the grass roots of our success and has already made significant contributions to our clientele in assisting them in their day-to-day operations.
Importantly, a proactive rather than a re-active strategy is upper most in our risk management operations.

Some of the projects that are currently underway in Lennons Transport are:


  • Transitional Fatigue Program
  • Safety and Awareness Psychological Profiling
  • Satellite Computer Monitoring
  • Driver Training
  • Driver Health Program
  • Community Education and Awareness

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aaaaMeeting the Challenge


Lennons Transport Services will create benefits for our shareholders, clients, and staff by providing quality transport services to industry.

We will deliver these benefits by providing:

  • Shareholders with a favourable overall combined operating results by employing sound work practices and containing operating expenditure.
  • Clients and intermediaries with long term relationships through a consistent understanding of their needs. This will be achieved by supplying a quality and superior transport service to its clients.
  • Staff with a quality environment, where we encourage involvement by providing training, direction and recognition.

We will support Road Safety and the Transport Industry and employ integrity in all our dealings

We aim to be known as the best specialist carrier in Australia, not by our standards, but by the standards of others.
We are a responsible and caring corporate citizen.


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aaaaThe Fleet


Lennons Transport Services operates a large modern fleet that has been designed to meet the most demanding schedules that are set by their client base.

Lennons Transport have a full fleet of Kenworth trucks which are arguably the best trucks on the road, thus ensuring service and reliability to our customers. We also have Krueger trailers in our fleet.

Lennons Transport's vehicles are maintained and serviced by supplier dealerships across the nation as well as our own highly skilled mechanics in our Sydney Depot.

All vehicles are maintained under a rigid service program, which ensures that safety and reliability levels are second to none.

Today the fleet consists of some of the latest innovations currently available to transport operators.
These include:

  • B Double tautliner combinations running current maximum length
  • All vehicles are run on Air Friendly Suspension
  • All vehicles have on-board monitoring
  • Single drop deck mezzanine floor combination trailers to a maximum 45 feet in length
  • Single flat top combination trailers to a maximum 45 feet in length
  • Single tautliner combination trailers to a maximum 45 feet in length
  • Flat top dropdeck with ramps carrying oversize loads ,earthmoving /mine equipment
  • Maximum horsepower vehicles

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aaaaThe Future


Today, Lennons Transport Services is a modern company with wide ranging interests; it faces the future with pride in its past and confidence in its ability to rise to new challenges.

With Australia well and truly over the threshold of the 'Global City' marketplace it is of paramount importance to display standards of excellence, competitiveness and long term commitment. Lennons Transport Services is already playing its part. We call it 'Total Service'.

Through the services offered by Lennons Transport, clients can now dramatically reduce their level of capital investment in expensive transport equipment, thereby releasing funds for other, more productive, revenue earning activities and growth.

Lennons Transport Services provides clients with a large volume, transport facility. Extremely cost effective, it is a total service, guaranteed same day or next day distribution of goods.

Lennons Transport Services has many manufacturers and retailers as customers


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